What it’s all about:
Goldfinch Music makes available a “one-stop shop” to service all the music needs for your film, TV, games or other audio-visual project or event.

Why us:
Goldfinch Entertainment has built its reputation on quality and professionalism in the film, TV and related entertainment industries.

Goldfinch Music builds upon that reputation with the provision of a full music offering to the industry.

What we offer:
We offer a variety of music services that can vary from bespoke score and track origination and commissioning (and in some cases financing) through to the supply of new and unpublished production music.

We can supply music production, arrangement and supervisory services to your project… pick and choose what you want us to take on.

We will work with YOU to ensure that your project gets the music that you feel does your project true justice and enhances its overall public offering.

Production music:
We have created and control a library of new musical works that might be appropriate for your audio-visual project or event.

Our current library consists of a comprehensive range of musical compositions across all music genres.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will send you appropriate samples for consideration. We will be making these titles available online shortly.

The Goldfinch Music team comprises of:

Steve D McMellon
Director (Music Production, Arrangement & Licensing)

Steve is a Co-Founder of Goldfinch Music Limited (“GFM”).

His role at GFM involves the assessment of music requirements for film/TV and other audio-visual projects or events and their subsequent production.

He was previously the CEO of Grammy and multi R.I.A.A. Award winning music publisher, S1 Songs Group (and its main trading subsidiary S1 Songs (America) Inc.) that was sold to Chrysalis Music in 2010. S1 was the music publisher for Sheryl Crow, Creed, Evanescence as well as representing the DreamWorks Music catalogue. S1 represented many top Nashville songwriters and at the time of its sale had 5 singles in the Billboard Country Top 20 Chart.

He also founded Southern Crossroads Music (SCM) with Reynold D’Silva and SCM has also seen success with songs performed by Tim McGraw (R.I.A.A. Gold) and Brett Eldredge. SCM has also placed many of its songs in film and TV programmes such as “Nashville”, “The Affair”, “Justified”, “The Lying Game”, “Vampire Diaries”, “Bad Grandpa”, “Shameless”, “90210”, “Kings of Appleton” and “The Giant Mechanical Man”.

Steve graduated in Business with Law and obtained a PgD (With Merit) in UK, US and European Law of Copyright and Related Rights from Kings College, School of Law (London).

He is a full member of the UK Music Producers Guild.

An acoustic guitar aficionado, Steve owns a bespoke acoustic guitar boutique based in Mid- Bedfordshire.

Liam J McMellon
Director (Creative Services & Music Publishing)

Liam’s role at Goldfinch Music Limited is Director of Creative Music Services and Music Publishing.

His role includes the establishment of the worldwide publishing administration structure for GFM, overseeing the global royalty collection and licensing for Film, TV, other audio-visual media and corporate and other events. He will also be involved in the production of bespoke or catalogue music for film projects.

Liam is also the Creative Services Manager for Southern Crossroads Music (SCM) both in Nashville and the UK. His signings have subsequently been licensed for film and TV productions worldwide.

Liam’s industry career started at multi-award winning, UK independent soundtrack label, Silva Screen Records, where he worked on the soundtrack releases of major film and TV successes; “The Departed”, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, “The Expendables”, “Doctor Who”, “Sherlock”, “Thunderbirds” and many more.

He is a member of the Music Producers Guild and the Royal Television Society.


Please email the Goldfinch Entertainment Team at info@goldfinchentertainment.com

Or go direct to the music team…