Bird Box Finance (BBF) is our debt financing company that will target the UK’s film, television, animation and gaming industries.  The company provides gap and super-gap loans for productions looking to raise the final 5-20% of budgets. BBF also provides short-term loans collateralised by the UK’s film tax credit or discountable distribution contracts and pre-sales. In addition, BBF lends against other UK Creative Industry Tax Credits (TV, animation, games), and other tax credits in similar markets, such as the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Independent UK film production company Bird Box Productions is devoted to innovative creative development and collaboration between long-standing industry practitioners and first time filmmakers from directors, writers and actors of all ages to produce independent films across all genres for the UK  and International markets.

The team are keen to give opportunities to those coming into the industry as well as those with strong track records to further their creative talents and broaden their range and skill sets across the industry.


Newcastle Film Festival is a 4 day event set to take place in venues throughout Newcastle upon Tyne between March 29th – April 1st 2018.

The festival is intended to celebrate and showcase films from all genres from around the world.  There will be opportunities for trade, promotion, meetings, networking, movie watching and sightseeing.

With an estimated 40,000 – 60,000 visitors, we are confident that the North East will prove to be the prefect hosts for what is surely to become one of our regions most celebrated international occasions.

Our Founder and MD Kirsty Bell is on the board of Directors of the film festival alongside other inspirational business leaders Jacqui Miller-Charlton MBE, TJ Gill and Barney Battles.


Tidy McKenzie (TM) is a creative marketing agency which provides design and marketing support to all our Goldfinch / Bird Box projects and companies. The agency consists of strategists, film editors, planners, creatives, designers, project managers, photographers, UX, back-end and front-end developers.

From the very flicker of an idea through to a project’s premiere, TM have the experience to package and present your film in the most visually appealing way. Whether it be to investors, sales agents or cinema goers they understand exactly what is required and can be achieved from stunning artwork and well-presented collateral.

Their poster designers have created images for global box office hits and breakthrough independent stars alike. Their ability to create eye catching artwork across all media means that whatever the genre, budget and distribution strategy, the designs will leave the audience desperate to see more!