Goldfinch XXXII – Adrenalynn Entertainment

A slate of animated Kids TV / online series from Greg Lynn & Tim Harper, two creatives with vast expertise & success in the entertainment industry.

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Project description

 Adrenalynn Entertainment was founded by Greg Lynn and partner Tim Harper who collectively have over 50 years of experience and expertise within the entertainment industry for which both have received critical recognition from industry and peers alike.  The core of their success comes from creative flair, underpinned by passion, diligence and unending energy and enthusiasm. The Directors have an established global track record in the field of children’s IP, animation and brand creation.

The Company is already the producer and director of four globally successful pre-school TV shows and brands – Roary the Racing Car, Fifi and The Flowertots, Little Charley Bear and RaaRaa The Noisy Lion. These four animated TV shows made between 2002 and 2011 were sold all over the world and have become global brands. The retail sales of licensed goods and products from the four brands totalled in excess of £500m worldwide and the shows won numerous awards and nominations.

Adrenalynn Entertainment are now looking to develop a slate of television and online series which they believe will be attractive to broadcasters and other partners such as “Nikki of The North” and “Sophie S and Darcy D”.

Nikki of The North, a 52 x 10 minutes pre-school Animation series about a young Inuit girl, born and raised in the beautiful frozen north. Nikki’s life is a closeted one and she has no interaction with other children so her closest friends are the arctic animals around her. Nikki’s main contact with the rest of the world is via a internet class where she shares lessons with other children in similar circumstances in various distant lands and this is how she discovers the wonderment of the planet.

After each episode, Nikki will video blog about her discoveries and this will be available to the audience on a dedicated YouTube channel. The YouTube films will be a 60-90 second “highlight” cut of each episode, with additional pieces to camera which will be entertaining, engaging and with a more educational bias. Nikki’s audience will be able to stay in touch with her in this contemporary way, and the TV Series and YouTube channel will act in a cross promotional way for each other.

Children will identify and make friends with Nikki and her friends and Nikki of the North offers a wonderful opportunity to create a global brand, featuring traditional toys (her “own-home” play set, the “igloo-kennel” play set for her animal friends etc), plush toys (Nikki and her animal friends), digital goods (apps, e-Books) and apparel. Nikki of The North products will entertain, delight and gently educate children, so encouraging them through play to explore our world for themselves.

Online digital project Sophie S and Darcy D is a series of online video blogs with high profile television personality Sophie Sumner, the winner of America’s Next Top Model in 2012. The Directors have signed a deal for the series with Maker Studios, the global leader in short form video content creation and promotion who were acquired by Disney for $500m. Check out the YouTube channel here.

For more information about Adrenalynn Entertainment, check out their website here and their showreel here (password = adrenalynn)