Goldfinch CXXVII – Goldfinch Family Films

The development and production of a slate of family films starting with a screenplay by new talent Toby Torlesse based upon the novel written by Michael Murpurgo entitled “Waiting for Anya”.

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Project description

Goldfinch Family Films will initially work with new screenwriter Toby Torlesse in order to develop and produce a film based upon the novel written by Michael Murpurgo entitled “Waiting for Anya”. This will be the debut film produced from a screenplay by Toby Torlesse who is one of the new wave of young talented screenwriters in UK film production. Subject to the success of the film, a television series may be developed from the characters in the novel.
‘Waiting for Anya’
It is World War II and a young shepherd named Jo stumbles on a dangerous secret: Jewish children are being smuggled out of Nazi-occupied France to the safety of Spain. When German soldiers move into town, things become much more difficult. Jo, his grandfather Henri and accomplices, Benjamin and the Widow Horcada, devise a plan to get the children across the border. The plan requires the whole town to help the children escape and relies on the German soldiers not noticing what is happening. But if they are caught, their lives will not be worth living.
The film is in pre-production with a number of prominent cast members having been approached and who have expressed great interest in participating.
Goldfinch Family Films will also identify other suitable projects which sit comfortably within the ‘Family Film’ genre with an ambition to look to the development of young screenwriters and giving them an opportunity to showcase their screenwriting abilities.
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