Goldfinch CXXVI – Goldfinch GEM Film

A co-production slate of commercially appealing projects from the successful teams of Gilt Edge Media and Goldfinch Entertainment.

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Project description

Goldfinch GEM Film has created a slate of commercially appealing projects which they intend to produce and sell quickly, efficiently and profitably to the end distributor. Through their combined knowledge of the Film distribution market, the team know exactly what buyers and consumers are looking for and so can reverse engineer concepts to fit gaps in the marketplace.

The aim will be to invest in a minimum of 3 projects in the next 18 months. These projects are currently being developed with leading writers, producers and talent agents to bring them to an ‘investment ready’ stage.

This joint venture between the companies will pave the way to developing, producing and selling content in a completely vertically integrated manner, something relatively unique outside the American Studio system. The track record, unique structure and Partners involved in sourcing, creating, producing and distributing the projects that are selected by Goldfinch GEM Film are its USP.

Once the team at Goldfinch GEM Film deem the project to be greenlit with the following criteria ticked off, the team will move the project into pre-production and then production. The criteria which needs to be satisfied are as follows:

  • Sales Estimates from credible sales agent in place
  • Budget locked
  • Finance plan locked
  • Key Cast and Director in place and contracted

The Slate (currently in consideration)

Gate Crash
Gate Crash literally drives the audience to breaking point in this supernatural modern day revenge tragedy. Adapted from Terry Hughes’ Fringe First award-winning stage play and directed by Lawrence Gough.

A couple are brutally made to pay when they refuse to accept responsibility for an act of violence.
The story opens after the couple (Steve and Nicola) arrive home in the middle of the night, shortly after being involved in a hit and run accident. Although Steve, the driver, at first denies responsibility it soon becomes clear that this was no accident – Steve in a drunken rage, deliberately drove into the victim, leaving him for dead. However, as the night unfolds, a series of disturbing events force the couple to battle against an unseen, menacing presence culminating in a sickening discovery.

Nine months on, Steve and Nicola, now with a young child, have relocated to a remote cottage determined to put the terrible events of that night behind them and rebuild their lives. However, the past is never far behind. The arrival of a stranger at their door forces them to admit that their ordeal is far from over as they realise they have ‘run into’ this individual before – literally.

Steve and Nicola’s nightmare begins as the unpredictable behaviour of the stranger intensifies and with the sudden disappearance of their child it soon becomes clear that darker, more menacing forces are at hand. Cut off from the outside world, the couple enter into a terrorising, brutal battle of wills that will only end in the death of the victims or the assailants.

Running Naked
A feature film by award-winning writer – director Victor Buhler.

Mark and Ben have been friends since they were cancer patients as teenagers. Twenty years later, Mark is a successful womanising doctor while Ben has become a neurotic recluse: a prisoner of his own obsessive rituals and wacky habits.

A dramatic piece of news upends their lives and challenges Mark and Ben’s friendship to the core.To break Ben out of his shell, Mark stakes everything he – and Ben – has, and drags his mate on an adventure that will change both their lives.

This brilliantly written script by Paul Chronnell is set in a warehouse club with a difference.  Half way through the evening clubbers are plunged into complete darkness, the security and bar staff wear night vision goggles, but revelers have to rely on their heightened remaining senses to continuing their hedonistic evening.  It’s the place to be seen (or not…) and the club has experience and unprecedented rise!

After a New Years Eve party the staff are tired but elated at a great end to the year.  Skip forward a year and we find out one of the staff had never been seen again following that evening.  New Years Eve rolls on again although this time things don’t quite go to plan for both staff and clubbers, as we soon learn that the missing person may still be around after the discovery of some terrible and shocking acts.

All set in a warehouse, which keeps production costs down, this production takes common horror themes and imposes them in a completely new setting.  A setting which many young party goers will want to experience and engage with.  There is opportunity to create both a visually and audibly impactful film that will hit well above its budget level.  There is also the possibility of launching the film around experiential events of a similar nature, or creating some PR stories around this new style of clubbing experience.

If you would like more information about this investment opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact