All of our services are underpinned by our consultancy as Executive Producers to projects we take into our fold. This ensures that the potential of every project is fully maximised, all revenue streams exploited and distribution is put right at the centre of all decisions made.

We also advise on the shape and structure of any project with the view of it potentially becoming a Goldfinch should they fall short on our strict criteria for any reason.

Our team provides advice and expertise, management and administration across the development, production, marketing, exploitation and strategic direction for audio visual and filmed content projects to include but not limited to:

Formulation of an overall detailed creative and business strategy for Projects in the context of current business operations.

  • Intellectual property administration, protection and ownership.
  • Developing or sourcing new, exciting, commercial content ideas and material.
  • Seek new opportunities in the content arena.
  • Shepherding the Projects through all creative and business processes.
  • Production management of Projects.
  • Identification and exploitation of allied and ancillary rights.
  • Negotiating most advantageous terms and conditions with potential partners.
  • Overseeing financing plans and budgets and schedules.
  • Sourcing of additional production finance from co-production, soft money, subsidies, equity.
  • Marketing opportunities (design and strategy).
  • Analysis and identification of the most relevant and appropriate exploitation partners for the Projects to include the possibility of bringing on specific territory distributors to achieve all rights distribution in key international territories
  • UK and international sales and distribution advice and structuring.
  • Co-ordinating and bringing together the various content, music, sponsors, brands and ancillary opportunities under one banner in order to maximise income and revenues.

We additionally help to build, utilise and leverage relationships with:

  • International film and TV sales agents and distributors.
  • UK film distributors.
  • US Studios.
  • TV broadcasters and networks – UK, US and international.
  • Digital platform providers.
  • Ancillary rights distributors.
  • Financiers, investors and lenders.
  • Advertising and media agencies.
  • Sponsors.
  • Brands.
  • Animation and CGI companies as appropriate and relevant.